When in Ireland: How to spend 3 geeky days in Dublin

Dublin`s history, the current capital of the Republic of Ireland, begins in the 8th century. Around this time, Vikings discovered the fertile grounds of Ireland and decided to establish one of their permanent settlements there, which they decided to call Dubh Linn (Old Gaelic for “Black pool”). Although this is […]

Auschwitz-Birkenau II

How to spend 3 days in Kraków 10

    If you are in need for a short holiday and you want to escape somewhere different and magical, but not too far from home, Kraków, Poland is the perfect place to go. Kraków is the second largest city in Poland, and is situated about 70 miles to the […]

Best FREE things to do in Warsaw 10

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a relatively new and modern city, situated geographically in the heart of the country. I say “new and modern” because the city has been almost entirely destroyed by the Nazis in the WWII. For this reason, almost everything that you can see today in […]

Royal Palace of Warsaw

zaanse schans

A day trip to Zaanse Schans 8

As a part of our Dutch adventure, we decided that we couldn`t possibly leave The Netherlands without checking out the beautiful traditional windmills and maybe get to know a few more things about the Dutch culture.As we planned to spend most of our days in Amsterdam, we agreed that the […]

5 tips that should keep you safe in Thailand 18

Thailand is an amazing, exotic country with so many things to visit that you could probably spend years and years there and still not see everything. Because it’s so easy to get lost in the wonders of this country, I decided to create a short list of things that you […]

The ultimate TO DO list when visiting Thailand (2) 18

Here you have the first part of the list, which includes 4 things which you MUST do during your Thai adventure. As mentioned previously, the list is personal and limited to the things that I have done, so please feel free to add to the list if you wish to. […]

The ultimate TO DO list when visiting Thailand (1) 4

If you are here, reading “The ultimate TO DO list when visiting Thailand(1)”, chances are you are planning a trip to the beautiful Land of Smiles, Thailand. I am, therefore, extremely happy for you and I wish to provide you with a list of things that will give you the […]

Tel Aviv

5 reasons why you need to visit Tel Aviv ! 14

Although the trip to the Dead Sea was purely magical, it completely drained all our remaining powers. Long walks in the sun and many hours spent on the road are no joke, especially in acountry as hot as Israel. Therefore, we agreed that an evening off would be exactly what […]

Yam-ha-Melah: the Dead Sea 2

Shortly after the Jerusalem experience, we had to take a day off to chill for a bit and to organize the next adventure through the Promised Land! As my dad really wanted to take us to the Dead Sea, we thought: well, why not just go now? Considering the fact […]

Tales of Old Jerusalem 2

Shortly after the Haifa experience, we have decided to waste no more days and visit the Holy City of Jerusalem. Although we had some debates on how to get there, we have agreed that the best way would be by car. Our host, Udi, had some business to do in Jerusalem […]

Haifa & The Baha’i Gardens 4

After a long flight and plenty of waiting we have finally made it to Herzliya, the place which was going to be our home for the next 10 days.  Our lovely hosts, Udi and Anat have helped us create some sort of itinerary, so we could enjoy Israel as much as […]

Canoeing and all the fun in the world! 4

As the nice weather has luckily returned in my town, I have been advised not to waste precious moments doing nothing at home, but instead do something fun and relaxing outside. And what better way to relax other than canoeing on your nearby river? Especially if you have never done it […]

THORPE please !

Never have I seen such a great weather in the beautiful country that is now my home. To celebrate this, me and my beloved work mates have decided to spend some £ on a day out in Thorpe Park. Did I like it? YAAAS! Will I be going again? You […]


6 hours in a zoo? Bring it on!

Let me make this clear from the beginning: I don`t like the fact that humans cage wild animals for their own entertainment. What`s more, back in Romania I had some really bad experiences with zoos. As a result, I have decided I won`t step in a zoo anytime soon. However, as […]

River tours and lazy mornings

If you happen to be in Canterbury, one of the coolest things that you could do is go on a river tour. Don`t get me wrong, I am not saying that Canterbury is boring. I am just saying that a sunny day could easily be spent in a cozy boat […]



To Dungeon or not to Dungeon?

Although I have been living in England for a while now, I am yet to discover MANY of the thousands of things that make this country worth visiting (if not living in it). And as an eager tourist that I am, I could not possibly start anywhere else but in London. Why you […]

First blog post – About

Hello  My name is Claudia and pretty much everyone who knows me also knows that I love adventures and travelling in general. Therefore, I shall share with you bits and bobs about the places I go and the things that I see(and eat). Hopefully this will help you guys not make […]